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Dive into the therapeutic and calming process of this painting


Who can take this class ? How long will it be available for ?

  • WHEN DOES THE COURSE START :- The course starts now and never ends! You can work at your own pace, at your own comfortable timings. You can rewatch it as many times as you want and paint whenever you are comfortable.

  • LIFETIME ACCESS :- Once Bought, you will have immediate lifetime access to this class.

  • BEGINNER FRIENDLY :- The class is completely suitable for beginners , as everything is explained in extreme detail with thorough voiceovers. The process can also give many ideas and inspiration to experienced artists.

  • CONSTANT SUPPORT :- The instructor is always available to help and answer your questions through email, instagram or Facebook Private Group.

Lets start painting

Capture the serene calmness of this painting on your canvas

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Class Introduction

    • Welcome to the class

  • 02

    Materials, Techniques and Drawing Basics

    • Materials used in the painting

    • Techniques used in the painting

    • Tutorial of Basics of drawing

  • 03

    Complete Class start to finish

    • TUTORIAL PART 1 :- Drawing the final drawing

    • TUTORIAL PART 2 :- Painting the face and neck

    • TUTORIAL PART 3 :- Painting the fress and the neck

    • TUTORIAL PART 4 - Painting the wings and flowers

    • Painting tutorial part 5 :- Painting the owl and finishing

  • 04