" I am joy, I am peace "

Find your inner voice, find your peace and joy

When you are going through your day, at any time, just say 
Say it several times in a day.
Say it often and slowly, emphasising every word separately. 
I - AM - JOY - I - AM - PEACE.
 Feel the vibrations of the words, as you slowly say them, and try and feel that feeling of joy and peace within you. 
Feel that you are in that joyful and peaceful moment even when things are chaotic around you. Feel the joy and peace pushing away any kind of negativity your mind might be driven towards. 
Feel that joy and peace inside you more than you react to outside circumstances, and you will change the outside circumstances.

Buddha with Fishes

Find your inner voice, find your peace and joy

This LIFETIME ACCESS CLASS will take you through the intense and therapeutic journey of not only creating this beautiful acrylic painting but also a bonus challenge Buddha painting with your instructor Shilpa Lalit. The detailed tutorials will take you step by step through the process of painting these paintings and will definitely take your acrylic painting skills to the next level.
Buddha with Fishes - Acrylic painting tutorial


Dive into the therapeutic process of painting these paintings


Frequently asked questions!

  • I am from India and classes are in USD, how to I pay in INR?

    If you are buying from India, please know that this class is available for everybody in this world. You can simply add your credit or debit card details at checkout and pay. If that doesn't work for you for some reason, please reach out to us and we will help you.

  • What are the materials required for this painting?

    All the materials required for the painting will be shared at the beginning of the class. Don't worry if you don't have the exact materials, there are workarounds for everything.

  • When will the workshop be held and what is the validity?

    All classes are pre-recorded and available for you to do at your own time. The validity of this class is LIFETIME, there's no cap on the time.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction to the class

    • Welcome to the class

  • 02

    Basics: Materials, Techniques & Drawing

    • Materials used

    • Techniques used

    • Basics of drawing faces

  • 03

    Complete Class start to finish

    • Drawing the final drawing on the canvas

    • Painting Buddha's face and skin tones

    • Painting the lotus flowers and background

    • Painting the fishes, gold leaf and finishing

  • 04

    Bonus Buddha workshop and challenge

    • Bonus Workshop

  • 05

    Image Gallery

    • Class Images

  • 06

    Thank you for joining!

    • Thank you!

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